Tooth Extractions in New Berlin

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Are Tooth Extractions Painful?

No. At Willow Dental, we offer pain-free tooth extractions in New Berlin. Your mouth will be numb during the procedure, and we specialize in gentle basic extractions and surgical extractions. We even offer sedation dentistry to keep you comfortable. If you have a troublesome tooth that you think may need to be extracted, contact us online to schedule a consultation with Drs. Jake Jacomet, Nicholas Dwan, or Andrea Emmerich.

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The Tooth Extraction Process

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To begin the process, Drs. Jake Jacomet, Nicholas Dwan, or Andrea Emmerich will examine your mouth and determine if extraction is really the best choice. We only recommend extraction if there is no other way to treat your oral health issue, since saving your natural tooth is always a better option, when possible.

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To begin the extraction process, your mouth will be cleaned and the area will be numbed. Sedation can also be administered to keep you feeling safe and comfortable throughout your procedure.

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For basic extractions, the tooth will simply be loosened then extracted using special dental tools. Surgical extractions are a bit different. In this treatment, an opening must be made in the gums near the tooth. Then, the tooth is cut into small pieces and extracted through this opening

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It usually takes around 1-2 weeks to recover from your treatment. Drs. Jake Jacomet, Nicholas Dwan, or Andrea Emmerich will send you home with recovery instructions, and you’ll usually need to come to our office for a follow-up once your mouth has mostly healed.

Basic Extractions

Basic or “simple” extractions do not involve serious oral surgery. They are used for teeth that have fully erupted from the jaw. In this process, the tooth is simply wiggled loose and then pulled out using a few simple dental tools.

Basic extractions are commonly used for wisdom teeth, and are also used to remove teeth that have been damaged by chronic oral health problems or serious dental injuries.

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Wisdom Tooth Extractions

The wisdom teeth are a natural part of the mouth. But they emerge a lot later than the other teeth, typically between 17-25. Most patients don’t have enough space for this third set of rear molars. 

Because of this, the eruption of wisdom teeth can cause a lot of oral health complications, ranging from a higher risk of infection to teeth shifting and damage to the nearby teeth. While wisdom teeth extractions are not always necessary, they are often the best way to preserve your smile.

Surgical Treatment

Impacted Wisdom Tooth Extractions

If your wisdom tooth has not fully erupted into your mouth, it is “impacted.” A basic extraction will not be possible, and it will be necessary to perform a surgical extraction instead.

In this procedure, Drs. Jake Jacomet, Nicholas Dwan, or Andrea Emmerich creates a small opening near the tooth. Through this opening, special tools are used to cut the tooth into small pieces. Then, these pieces are extracted through the opening. Once the entire tooth has been removed, the opening is cleaned, sanitized, and stitched shut.

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